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My Podcast Interview – How I built my company after the Army

Written by Ian Folau

I was recently approached by Justin Nassiri who runs the Beyond the Uniform podcast. The podcast focuses on interviewing transitioned military veterans and getting insight into the path they chose.  I think it is an amazing resource.  My original idea for themilitaryentrepreneur.com was to interview a bunch of military entrepreneurs and eventually write a book about the lessons they learned.  I guess I can still do that.  But anyways, check out my interview page below. I think that picture of me gets repurposed everywhere.   You can also listen to the audio stream right here:

BTU #21: Ian Folau – Tactical advice for starting a company (even while on Active Duty)

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Ian Folau

I left the Army after nine years of service to follow my dreams of starting a business. I started up https://gitlinks.com/ and am leading an awesome company while navigating sales/marketing/fundraising myself. I write to hopefully help those that are like me.

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